About Us

Nick Soleil - Owner

Nick Soleil is an electrical engineer who is passionate about the solar industry and passionate about making a difference in this world.  Nick has been managing and owning solar companies for the last 19 years and has been a Field Application Engineer at Enphase Energy for over 6 years.

Nick began installing PV in the 90s for off-grid homes, cabins, and RVs.  He installed nearly 500 battery back-up systems, engine generator systems, and solar water pumping systems before the birth of the grid-tied solar industry.  Since 2001, he has designed and managed more than 3,000 PV systems and has provided design support on thousands more.   He has designed residential, commercial, and  scale solar projects.

Nick is a master electrician and holds licenses in California, Texas, and Louisiana.  Nick has trained electricians and inspectors in the US and abroad on solar installation best practices and electrical standards.  Nick is also a NABCEP Solar Installation Professional.